Get Chocolate Wasted with Japan's Sake Flavored KitKat

sake-kit-katJapan has always been the land of KitKat envy. With flavors like strawberry, purple sweet potato, apple, and Ichimi Togarashi (to name a few), Japanese KitKats definitely have more fun.Nestlé Japan has recently rolled out a sake flavored KitKat, made with a sake powder that's kneaded into the white chocolate-dipped wafers. This gives the chocolate bar an aroma of rice wine with a soft and refreshing aftertaste according to RocketNews24.The Nihonshu flavored chocolate comes in three-pack boxes as well as a special nine-piece box in the shape of a 1.8L bottle of sake. And with an alcohol level of 0.8%, you can finally get chocolate wasted. Image Courtesy RocketNews24