Bodegas Are Better Than Others

bodega sundays grocery gvbq-5bodega - noun : a small grocery store in an urban area; also Spanish for 'warehouse'The bodega is a New York staple that may not be understood outside of its urban context. Known for being a convenient corner store, bodegas are usually stocked with everyday essentials such as fresh and prepared food, cigarettes, flowers, beer, and lotto tickets.bodega-sundays-grocery-gvbq-2Bodegas are widely recognized by their bold signage (often in yellow, red or blue), a variety of ads posted in the windows, and a sign vouching for an ATM machine inside the shop. And besides having stock of the basics, most bodegas also carry items that reflect the neighborhood in which they stand. A defining characteristic of bodegas is that they are local, independently owned stores. In a time where commercialization and gentrification are pushing mom and pop shops out, bodegas are key to keeping the livelihood and character of neighborhoods intact.bodega-sundays-grocery-gvbq-1Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata, a Brooklyn-based artist, has been documenting every bodega in Manhattan for her 'Every Bodega in Manhattan' documentary project. In an attempt to capture the identity and heritage of each neighborhood, the project archives a piece of each borough in an ever-changing city. All Images Courtesy @gvbq