The Chicken Hype is Still Very Real

food_and_drink_ChickenSandwichOvercoming all food trends is the humble chicken sandwich. Amidst the kale craze and gluten-free trend, the chicken sandwich remains reliable and relentless as proven by Shake Shack's first quarter profit and sales and their introduction of their new chicken sandwich, the Chick'n Shack.Not only is their sandwich a hit, but the chain's expansion is growing at a rapid pace. Shake Shack hit 88 stores in their first quarter, with growth out into the west with the first Californian Shake Shack to hit Los Angeles.The first quarter through March 30 report noted 8 cents per share. Analysts projected 5 cents a share on average. Sales also beat the average estimate of $52.2 million, with a 43% rise to $54.2 million. Shake Shack has boosted its revenue forecast up to $249 million this year, and with the arrival of the limited-time Bacon Cheddar Shack, the company is sure to bring in the bread. Love fried chicken? Learn how to make Yardbird's classic fried chicken at home here. Source: Bloomberg /  Grub StreetImage Courtesy Shake Shack