Get Drunk Off Sake Jelly

sake jelly sunday's groceryJelly is a staple snack in Asian culture. Whether it's lychee jelly cups, coffee jelly, or pearl milk tea concoctions - the options are truly endless. And while these snacks are usually associated with childhood, that's not exactly the case in Japan, especially with the creation of sake jelly.Sake jelly was created by sake brewers to reach a wider range of customers. The jelly is clear and sweet with a low alcohol content. It comes unflavored, though some brands add fruit. One brewery that has a branded sake jelly is Hiroshima’s Kamotsuru Brewery.It's recommended to enjoy sake jelly as a dessert, but its portability means that you can enjoy it anywhere. Sake jelly can be served frozen to create a  sorbet-like consistency or you can pour it over a glass of cold sake to enhance the flavor even more. Image Courtesy Eater