How The Sake Samurai Protect and Preserve Japan's Traditions

sake sunday's groceryThe Sake Samurai is an exclusive group of sake enthusiasts and masters that promote and spread the history and culture of sake. But what exactly is a Sake Samurai, and what do they do?Japan has a rich history in the cultivation of rice and the sophisticated craft of making sake. However, some sake brewers worried that Japanese people were losing their pride in this beautiful traditional for priorities of the modern era. In response to this, the Japan Sake Brewers Association established The Sake Samurai Association in 2004 to protect this Japanese pride, and to promote sake and its traditions internationally. It has successfully contributed to the increased popularity of sake and Japanese food overseas in recent years.The Sake Samurai have awarded annual “Samurai” titles to individuals for their outstanding contribution to the understanding, appreciation or promotion of sake. Anyone who holds this title commits to love both sake and the beautiful culture of Japan, gain a deeper understanding of sake culture and work on its behalf, and spread the word about Japanese sake around the world.Traditionally, samurai were those who were pure of heart, committed to defending what was precious to them. These modern-day “samurai” love and protect sake with the same passion and integrity. Kanpai to that.