Celebrate the New Year With Champagne Pocky

champagne-pocky-sundays-groceryA couple of days ago we discovered Otana no Kohaku (Adult Amber), a Pocky flavor designed to pair with whisky. If you enjoy Pocky with your booze, you’ll be excited to hear that there's a Champagne-flavored Pocky now too!Created to celebrate the New Year, this Pocky has a chocolate coating with a fruity Champagne aroma (apparently made with real Champagne). The pretzel sticks are almost one and a half times longer than your average Pocky and are 0.1% alcohol.This New Year’s edition of Pocky, as well as Champagne-flavored Almond Premio and Caplico (confectionery produced by Glico), was a carefully crafted in collaboration with Hironobu Tsujiguchi, one of Japan’s leading pastry chefs. As they were just released on January 3rd, it’s too bad we didn’t get a chance to ring in the New Year with these festive snacks.