Whisky and Pocky, a Perfect Pairing

whisky-pocky-sundays-groceryChocolate has a unique way of bringing out different flavors in a dram when paired with the right whisky. Chocolate Pocky is no exception and this delicious Japanse snack is often offered to accompany alcoholic beverages at bars and household gatherings. To capitalize on this, Glico has released a special edition Pocky that's meant to be paired with whisky.Aptly named Otana no Kohaku, which means Adult Amber, the chocolate used on the pretzel stick is rich and bitter with an aroma of whisky. The pretzel dough is made with malt extract and after being dipped in chocolate, the stick is lightly sprinkled with salt. Sounds like a perfect pairing to us! Source: Rocket News 24Image Courtesy Glico