Food Memories with Our Mamas

Mother's Day comes once a year, and while it's important to show your appreciation on this day, you can't forget about the other 364. Whether she prepared your lunches, birthday cakes, or after school snacks - when it comes to moms, every child has a special food memory. So in honor of Mother's Day, we asked some of our staff about their favorite food stories with their mamas. Check it out below.Fung, Senior Designer:I remember she used to cook a big bowl of minced pork and pickled vegetables (梅菜蒸豬肉) for me and my three siblings. When she cooked that, we would all be really happy. And occasionally she'd get chicken wings from the Cantonese barbecue shops, but we could only have one piece each. She would hand them out to us to make sure we didn't get more than one.Lydia Tsang, HR Manager:My mom makes the best curry fish balls. Her secret ingredient is boiling it with chicken stock... and now I revealed the secret. Every time, I eat it with rice. Every time she's home, she'll ask me what I want to eat and I've said curry fish balls ever since I was young.Tara Babins, Communications Manager:Every time I go back to Calgary, whether it's when I fly in from Hong Kong or when I came home from university, my mom makes my favorite dishes - ready and waiting for me when I walk through the door. It's hard to classify her food, but I'd say it's healthy with slight Israeli references. My absolute favorite dishes are her chickpea and tomato stew and her black bean soup.Mamta Singh, RŌNIN Manager:In the Nepalese community during a big festival in October, families get together and buy whole lambs to divide amongst everyone. My mom takes the innards right after the lamb is butchered to make special dishes that are very fresh. She serves it with other side dishes and pita made of rice flour, and it's so good. There's also Nepalese style daikon pickles with lots of mustard seeds.Ming Tse, RŌNIN Sushi Chef:I love my mom's cooking. When I was around 11 years old, my mom made a large Guangdong feast that was so good I wouldn't stop eating. I ate so much that I ended up throwing up. Her soy sauce chicken is also my favorite dish of hers. Every family makes it in their own way but my mom's recipe is the best.Matt Abergel:My fondest food memory with my mom is when our entire family - grandparents, parents, and all of the siblings - go out for Chinese food in Calgary. It's really good and we normally get the Alberta classics like ginger beef and mushu pork.Lindsay Jang:One time my mom dumped spaghetti meat sauce on my head because I wouldn't eat it. She literally ladled it onto my head because she was so mad at me.Kenneth Chan, Head of Operations:Every time I return to Chicago, I look forward to having my first meal with my mom and best friend, Nando. I go to his tattoo shop and get tattooed and she'll come in after work and sit with me on her phone while I finish up. Then we'll go for a meal. Last time we had Mexican food and the time before that was sushi.Tyler Babrowsky, Floor Manager:My mom used to do Thanksgiving dinner in Hong Kong every year. It was one of the big meals where we'd all eat together and making it was her thing. My mom made a good roast beef.Nick Chan, Yardbird Head Chef:We always eat king crab with my mom because she loves it a lot. Usually we go have steamed king crab at a Chinese restaurant, and if it's not in season then we'll get flower crab. Every month we go eat it together at least once. She loves crab.