Fish Files: Tachiuo Silver Beltfish

At RŌNIN, we pride ourselves on following the Japanese tradition of eating fresh and seasonally. Every morning our chefs go to the market to pick up ingredients for the daily menu and our seafood is either local or flown in from Japan. We’re meticulous with our fish preparation and passionate about understanding their flavor profiles and where they come from. Learn more about the fish that we serve in our series, Fish Files.Tachiuo (太刀魚) (たちうお) Silver Beltfish - Literally translated, Tachiuo means swordfish. This fish is available year-round but is used in Japan to signify the summer season. They can grow up to two meters in length and can be found dwelling in waters all around Japan. Tachiuo bodies have shiny, silver skin with a hairlike tail.The meat of the Tachiuo has a mild taste and soft texture. It can be served both raw and cooked, but is most popular in dishes like sashimi with ponzu, aburi, and nigiri.