Fish Files: Tenagamizutengu Bombay Duck

At RŌNIN, we pride ourselves on following the Japanese tradition of eating fresh and seasonally. Every morning our chefs go to the market to pick up ingredients for the daily menu and our seafood is either local or flown in from Japan. We’re meticulous with our fish preparation and passionate about understanding their flavor profiles and where they come from. Learn more about the fish that we serve in our series, Fish Files.Bombay Duck Tenagamizutengu (九肚魚) (てながみずてんぐ) - The Bombay Duck is native to the Indo-Pacific waters, particularly surrounding Western India. Although its nickname is deceiving, the Bombay Duck is not actually a duck - it's a narrow, slimy fish that can be eaten fresh but often salted and dried, which creates a pungent smell. Also called bummalo, this fish can be found year-round and is normally caught when they reach around eight inches long.The Bombay Duck is common in Indian cuisine since it's native to the area. And while this fish is normally dried and crumbled as a topping in India, it can also be served fresh, usually deep fried.